Email Marketing VS Social Media

Many thought that with the coming of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) email marketing would sink into oblivion. They were proved wrong.

While Social Media is, perhaps, more personal and immediate, it is very difficult to measure the true impact value of any SM campaign. Another thing to keep in mind is that people are NOT on Facebook or twitter 24/7. There is a great possibility that your message will never hit the target. Well, this is not the case with Email Marketing campaigns. Read more

Welcome on board, Mike!

12496326_1005663702846859_3371764715439451199_o (1)Michael Midgley is a fantastic photographer who lives somewhere in Cumbria. He is obsessed (in a good sense) with the clouds and the mountains. And that is something obvious in his photos.

We are more than happy to have him onboard and to host the website that we designed for him.  His photos are available to order from the eshop which can be found there.

Appreciation is always welcome!

Yesterday we received not one but two boxes of Leonidas chocolates from our friends at MUS in Switzerland. MUS is the Swiss Macintosh Users group and Digimouse is hosting their website and mail server.

We are really grateful for the gesture and this reminds us why good and friendly support can take you a long way!